February, 2017 RECIPE OF THE MONTH

Yields 14-16 buns

Serves 7-8
as an appetizer


1 pack Steamed Buns, frozen

3# Pork Belly, skinless
1/4 C Salt
1/4 C Sugar
Pickled Red Onions
Grated Carrots
Spicy Mayo

Caramel Brittle
Sunflower Seeds

• Raspberry Jam •

2# Raspberries
1.5 C Sugar
1 T Lemon Juice
1/4 t Rose Water

Walnut Butter & Caramel Brittle

2 C Walnuts
2 t Walnut Oil or Vegetable Oil

1.5 C Sugar
0.5 C Brown Sugar
0.5 C Corn Syrup
2 T Butter
2 t Baking Soda
1 t Salt


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Bao Bun Duo

We're in love with this bao bun duo that pulls both the sweet and savory levers. Stay in on Valentine's Day and spoil your better half with these super special steamed buns. Plans for dinner and dessert? We've got you covered.

Recipe images by Bruce Plotkin Photography.



Making the Raspberry Jam

  • Toss berries in sugar and let stand for 30 minutes.
  • Place in saucepan and cook over medium heat for 30-40 minutes.
  • Test for doneness by dipping a spoon into the jam and placing a dollop onto a chilled plate. Jam should be thick and not spread too much.
  • Once done, stir in lemon juice and rose water to finish.
  • Reserve.

Making the Walnut Butter

  • Toast walnuts in a 350' oven for 6-8 minutes until fragrant. Remove and cool.
  • Once cool, place in food processor and grind until a paste consistency is achieved.
  • Add oil to nut paste until a smooth consistency is reached.
  • Reserve.

Making the Caramel Brittle

  • Bring sugars and corn syrup to 275'
  • Stir in butter, baking soda and salt
  • Pour onto a parchment or silpat lined baking sheet and let cool.
  • Crumble and reserve.

Cooking the Pork Belly

  • Mix salt and sugar, then rub pork belly with mixture.
  • Place belly in fridge for 6-12 hours.
  • Once rubbed belly has rested, place in 450'F oven for one hour.
  • Turn down heat to 250'F for an hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Pork belly is done when it is firm but not falling apart.
  • Cut into 1/2-in thick pieces.

Making Spicy Mayo

  • Mix mayonnaise with your favorite hot sauce. We like sriracha!

Assembling your Buns

  • For PBJ buns: spread jam and walnut butter on half of the steamed buns and sprinkle with sunflower seeds and brittle.

  • For Pork Belly buns: Saute the cut pork belly until just heated through. Place one piece per bun and garnish with pickled red onion, spicy mayo, grated carrot and cilantro.