Pizza Parties

Imported Italian flour and tomatoes combined with fresh local ingredients in an authentic wood-fired oven make for a truly perfect pizza, and a truly perfect station. Our open cooking style allows for an entertaining experience for all. We come prepared with a wide variety of pizza toppings to make traditional, gourmet and our signature pies. Service is buffet style and we crank out pizza as fast as your guests can eat. Expect about 20 (12 inch) pies per hour, baked in your own oven, or a portable woodfired oven we can bring to you.

We are the go-to option for offsite catering!


Outdoor Events Where the Grill Can Be Used as a Form of Entertainment
Supplemental Cocktail or Dinner Station
Small Dinner Parties Utilizing a Built-in Grill or Large Events Using a Portable Wood Fire Oven


Adults and Kids
A Variety of Palates!


Fresh Mozzarella, Gorgonzola and Spinach
Fresh Mozzarella, Mashed Potato and Lobster


The team was amazing!!! Amanda was superb. I never even went into the kitchen or thought about details accept being a hostess and having a GREAT time. The bar was great inside and after the rain we had TWO rainbows off the deck. We got to move outside a bit and have the doors open... It was delicious and so well run. We thank you ALL so very much. And a CLEAN kitchen in the morning. Again, WOW.

Lynn Gross


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